Robert30cr4x5Robert H. Lane, Chairman,

A seasoned business executive, Bob brings many years of C level management with world-class companies such as GE, NORTEL, Commodore Computers and Acklands.

After a successful career, for the past 25 years, Bob has been directing business advisory activities for his own organization, Robert H Lane and Associates Inc., a group that provides innovative, creative problem solving and operational assistance to senior management. Clients include domestic and international groups involved in manufacturing, distribution, utility services, construction of commercial building, providers of communication & computers services, technology start-ups and Government agencies.

Recent projects have been focused upon the role and deployment of ‘smart meters’ for residential and commercial management of electrical energy as well as development and deployment of both residential and commercial intelligence associated with lighting, heating & cooling energy management systems, security and communication platforms for the future. He applies first hand business experience and know how to helping business leaders identify their problems and develop/deploy solutions to move forward. His approach is always to be involved with project from start to finish

He is a graduate of the University of Toronto (BA Trinity) and Ivey School of Business (MBA) and serves on the advisory boards of several North American companies., that includes his role and involvement as chairman of Crew Inc.

Derek A. Lackey, President

An eMarketing and Branding Specialist, Derek brings a creative, results oriented approach to every business challenge.

In a distinguished career of well over two decades, DerekDerek30cr4x5 Lackey has consistently combined entrepreneurial spirit with street-smart marketing while working with major international brands such as Canon, Air Canada Vacations, Arthur Andersen Co., Pioneer Electronics, AGFA Film, American Express Merchandise Services, and many others. Derek owned and managed a mid-sized full service advertising agency based in Mississauga. His creativity and insights around branding and marketing are practical and grounded.

As an Entrepreneur he has a healthy respect for activities that produce results and is quick to change tactics when they don’t.

Educated in Marketing at University of Toronto, Derek applies creativity to his business strategy while placing a strong emphasis on results. At one point in time, seven of the nine brands handled by his ad agency were #1 in their categories in Canada.

Bill Edwards, VP, Business Development

The consummate Channel Development Specialist, Bill knows how to expand a service and apply it to a new business. Chances are, it is an application you haven’t even thought of.

Bill knows Telecom. Better yet, Bill knows business development. Trained at the “University of IBM”, he has been representing technologies to Telecom Companies, or buying services for Telecom Companies since 1994. He was Acting VP, Product Marketing for Lucent, and managed strategic relationships for Avaya Canada and then TELUS Canada over the last 12 years. And what a 12-year period it has been! Telecom has changed more than the prior 50 years! And Bill has kept up with that changed, always looking for products and services that would increase market share and sales for his company. Successes have been for example, Centennial College a $50 Million dollar 10 year deal partnering Avaya with HP, Iron Ore Canada $6 million dollar deal with TELUS and Avaya.

His BBA majoring in Marketing & Personnel from Bishops University has served him well in the business world, as has his Regular Officer Training Program with the Canadian Armed Forces. Disciplined and methodical, Bill knows how to get the job done.

Bill is a devote Christian living in Oshawa with his wife and 3 children. Family values are important to Bill and he understands that walking his talk and maintaining his integrity are important things in life and in business.


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