We are Business Consultants constantly in search of new ways of growing our client’s business. And we’ve recently seen a dramatic shift in the way people buy, therefore how we must sell to them.

In a mass media marketing world we have learned to master the art of HUNTING for customers. We use advertising, direct mail, cold calling and whatever else we can to cost effectively attract new people who will buy our product/service. The large media companies who control who sees what message, when, require that we pay handsome fees for access to that person(s). By gathering all of the eyeballs in one convenient place, and being one of a select few “games in town” who can help us find those desired eyeballs (constantly working to convince us that their eyeballs buy more of our goods than the other media owner’s) they have built fortunes that place them amongst the richest people on the planet.

The World Wide Web, now that billions of people are using it every day, changes that model. Now people can find what they need, when they need it (thank you Google). The model is turned on it’s head! Now your prospects search (using specific keywords that describe your product), do their own homework, narrowing down their options, and make their purchase decisions. Question is: are you on their short list? Did they come across you or your site when they were looking? How easy are you to find when your prospect uses the keywords that should describe your products/services?

Fact is, most of us have not made the marketing mind-shift necessary to compete in a market that has changed right before our eyes. The BFOUND™ Program will get you started and will show you how to increase your sales, even in difficult times. derek.lackey AT


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